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I make art.

2009-11-27 09:46:34 by KAMM666

Art is cool. I make it. My lava lamp profile picture thing is made by me. I'm going to start submitting (very slowly) my art to newgrounds to see what people think of it.

I make art.

I mean we all hear about those nut jobs who eat their own shit or kill people and think they're helping them "reach forever into the abyss of conciousness" whatever the hell that means, but what about those of us who just disagree with things like science? The sun is made of hydrogen? How do we really know? None of our equipment has ever been there and returned because the sun is too hot for any earthly metal or metal alloy to survive. I don't know what the sun is made of and hydrogen is just as good a guess as any other so im not disagreeing, however science isn't perfect. That's all im saying. It can't even explain why gravity works. Yes I am saying I am somewhat insane. Im just wondering, just asking you my newgrounds sisters and brothers, is all insanity bad? Think about it.

Hello everybody. Is Insanity bad?

Dear, Gaiaonline

2007-08-18 17:46:16 by KAMM666

Dear, You really need to stop changing the layout so god damn often. Seriously, every layout you've used, save one or two, was perfectly adequate. Just leave it alone already. Seriously, your starting to piss me off with this shit. Thank you for your time and if you don't heed my warnings I will be forced to eat your fucking faces off.

P.S. Not a joke bitches. Imma come to each one of your houses with an uzi. Don't think I don't know where you live. ZE END!!!1

If you wanna be friends with me on gaia my name is Clutterman666.


2007-07-19 06:40:22 by KAMM666

Listen to me for a second here, Okay? I hate you. Yes YOU! You know Im talking right to YOUR stupid ass face. If you don't have anything helpful to say or your just going to flame or spam then DON'T SAY A FUCKING WORD!!!1 STFU RIGHT NOW OR I WILL EAT YOUR SOUL! Thank you and good-bye.

P.S. If your not a dumbass I apologize but, YOUR A FUCKING LIAR! This world is made up of nothing but dumb ass bitches and Im betting every single newgrounder has posted at least ONE unproductive hateful or just plain out inane post.

P.P.S. Im not exception. Im pretty damn stupid myself.